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Zhang Wellness Center was originally named Zhang Asian Associate, an authentic traditional Die Da treatment practice in Chinatown, Boston. Our founder, Master Zhang, provides the most prominent Die Da treatment with his rich experience and excellent service quality. Our center is committed to using professional treatment techniques and pure natural and safe Chinese herbal medicine to better help people with various physical tension, pain or injuries caused by study, work, sports, car accident or other physical factors.

Die Da, which belongs to the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is mainly used to treat physical trauma, including various chronic and acute injuries caused by daily life, work, sports, or car accidents, such as falls, sprains, bruises, fractures, dislocations, ligament and tendon injuries, waist and leg injuries, cervical spondylosis, joint pain, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, sciatica, lumbar disc herniation, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, shoulder and neck syndrome, etc. The therapist uses traditional Chinese herbal medicinal blend which is made of ancestral recipes to treat patients with professional Die da techniques. Depending on the patient's condition, additional treatments such as applying Chinese herbal medicine ointment patch, drinking Chinese herbal tea, and cupping are cooperated.


Ginger Treatment

This is a treatment in which guests lie on heated Chinese herbal ginger slices with herbals and are wrapped around their bodies for fumigation. It helps promote your metabolism, detoxify and firm the skin, remove dampness, improve blood circulation, and improve immunity. People who having insufficient Qi and blood, cold hands and feet, menstrual pain, insomnia, and fatigue, rheumatism and pain should try it.

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Herbal Beeswax Moxibustion

The intention of herbal beeswax moxibustion is to invigorate the normal flow of Qi and blood, dredge the meridians, decrease inflammation, and dispel wind-cold-damp pathogens out of the body to prevent or treat diseases by covering heated herbal beeswax compress. It has obvious therapeutic effects on arthritis, lumbar muscle strain, limbs numbness and pain, joints or back pain, soft tissue injury, and effectively on male/female reproductive system as well.

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Bio-wave spectrum therapy

Bio-wave spectrum therapy is a form of physical therapy that releases dense bionic biological waves of 2-25 microns, acts on the deep subcutaneous tissue of the human body, activates tissue cells, triggers cell resonance, and enhances cell metabolism, thereby achieving the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. Bio-wave spectrum therapy has many ideal therapeutic effects on the human body: it can eliminate fatigue, relieve mental stress, help sleep, and lower blood pressure; it can reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, stop diarrhea, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. It has a very significant therapeutic effect on the treatment of arthritis, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, cervical pain, lumbar spondylosis, varicose veins, and soft tissue injuries!

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Moxibustion is one of the oldest treatments in China. The medicinal properties of mugwort leaves are warm. When moxa is ignited, the heat generated by burning will stimulate the acupoints and make the meridians warm and unblocked. Moxibustion can warm and unblock the meridians, promote qi and blood circulation, expel cold and dampness, eliminate stasis and stagnation, warm the middle and invigorate qi, support yang and solidify, induce heat outside the body, that is, resist the invasion of external evils, and protect yang qi from the body to the body smoothly. Table, enhance the body's ability to resist diseases, have the effect of taking care of the body, preventing and curing diseases.

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Dr Zhang is awesome. He has excellent reputation in Chinatown area for decades. Unfortunately I was unable to go to him for a long period of time, but in the short time I went I saw noticeable improvements on my neck pain. I highly recommend going to see Dr Zhang if you have any injuries or chronic pain. He is very good at explaining the issues and providing exercises with traditional chinese herbs and oil which is all natural products in addition to his adjustments. Recently I was told he is opening a new practice with more professional masseurs just next to the previous location at a decent spacious place, where you would have an one of a kind experience over there. Again, HIGHLY recommended.
Kendra O.
I often come here to ask Dr. Zhang to treat my waist problem for me. The effect is very good. The last time the waist twist was done twice, it was completely healed and there has been no recurrence. Doctor Zhang's Bita Liquor works very well, plus his technique! Very recommended!
Ana L.
I've been visiting Dr. Zhang for almost a year now. My wife initially informed me about him after I sprained my ankle and she described what he does and how he treats patients. I must say that it truly benefited me. I now visit him occasionally for different treatments, and I must say that he has been excellent. At first, I wasn't sure about his methods and had no understanding of Chinese medicine. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a try. I suggest giving it a try if you want to try something different. The only thing I must say is that you may need a chinese translator.
Florencd C.